Science Behind Hardcore

The scientific development and powerful stimulating effects behind Stimerex Hardcore includes the efforts of several research teams made up of the best chemists, pharmacologists,  technicians, and licensed pharmacists. Maker Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals utilizes its talented teams to explore advances in medical science for a greater understanding of how different combinations of natural herbs can work together to help people lose weight. Through its success with the original formula in Stimerex ES, and a decade of research and development in diet and energy supplements, Hi-Tech has revamped Stimerex ES and created Stimerex Hardcore to deliver even greater weight loss results by including powerful stimulants and making existing ingredients even more effective. The result is a new proprietary blend of natural ingredients that optimize your body’s ability to lose weight.

Science Behind Stimerex HardcoreHi-Tech’s unique formulas are based on the results of clinical studies and scientific research reported in leading medical journals, such as the International Journal of Obesity, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and the New England Journal of Medicine. An examination of this research into the interdependent combinations and blends of natural herbs, stimulants, and lipotropics (fat burning catalysts) led to the powerful new formula that makes up Stimerex Hardcore, a new and effective stimulant-rich diet aid.

Each Stimerex Hardcore capsule includes 475 mg of its proprietary formula with natural ingredients, stimulants, and lipotropics blended to promote a thermogenic effect that results in energy increases that aid the body in maximizing its fat burning capabilities.

Stimerex Hardcore raises the bar with the addition of the powerful stimulant 1,5 dimethylamylamine (DMHA). Extracted from the geranium plant, known scientifically as pelargonium graveolens, DMHA mimics the effects of norepinephrine in order to optimize weight loss. This added ingredient generates a significant stimulating effect in the body leading to elevated energy levels, heightened focus, and greater concentration. Users report these effects as having a significant impact on workouts, allowing for more intense training sessions.

Hi-Tech includes 25 mg of its Thermo-Z ephedra extract in its proprietary blend. From the leaves of the ephedra sinica plant, used in traditional Chinese medicine and called ma huang, this extract helps increase the body’s thermogenic function, heating up the body making it easier to burn fat and calories.

Another key player in the science behind Stimerex Hardcore is Hi-Tech’s Thermo-RX compound, a stimulant-based extract from acacia rigidula. From the perennial shrub called “blackbrush” native to Texas and Mexico, extracts of phenylethlamines (PEAs) from this plant provide a variety of weight loss effects beginning with energy increases, boosting noradrenaline, adrenaline, and dopamine. An increase in the body’s basal metabolic rate (the body’s metabolism at rest) and appetite suppressing effects help make Stimerex Hardcore an all-around, multi-functional energy and diet aid that approaches weight loss from many different directions.

In addition to these prime movers in Stimerex Hardcore, the following ingredients are also included in this powerful supplement:

  • Theobromine
  • Green Tea Extract (leaves)
  • Naringen (fruit)
  • 3-Dimethyl Aminoethanol Bitartrate
  • Yohimbe Extract (bark)
  • Caffeine (anhydrous)

The scientific approach to weight loss that Stimerex Hardcore takes is all-encompassing and incorporates stimulants, fat burning compounds, and appetite suppressants in its proprietary blend of ingredients based on significant research and development, making it a potent energy and weight loss supplement.