A Step Above Stimerex-ES

Stimerex Hardcore takes the best of Stimerex ES and increases its stimulating capabilities to create an extremely powerful weight loss and energy supplement that will burn calories and give you an amazing energy boost to keep you going and make those workouts more intense.

With the addition of 1,3 dimethlamylamine (DMAA) as a primary feature in Stimerex Hardcore’s ingredients over the original formula, this supplement packs a serious punch. Manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Stimerex Hardcore contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that includes 25 mg of Thermo-Z, Hi-Tech’s ephedra extract, and Thermo-RX, its stimulant-based phenylethylamine alkaloids from acacia rigidula. Combined with other natural ingredients, such as Yohimbe extract, green tea extract, and caffeine, it is easy to see why this is touted as an intense energy enhancing fat burner.

The effects of this powerful diet aid prove that its energy boosting properties significantly contribute to weight loss. Some of the great benefits that come with using Stimerex Hardcore include:

  • Fat burning capabilities
  • Extreme energy increase
  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased mood and focus

A great thermogenic supplement, Stimerex Hardcore turns your body into a fat-burning machine. Through thermogenesis, the body’s core temperature heats up, which in turn stimulates the metabolism, causing you to burn more calories and fat. With your body’s thermostat turned up, your basal metabolic rate (your metabolism at rest) increases, meaning you’ll burn more calories just sitting at your desk than you normally would.

A Step Above Stimerex ESComplementing an increase in metabolism, Stimerex Hardcore is designed to stimulate lipolysis (the release of fat) and prevent lipogenesis (the storage of fat). With its natural ingredients and lipotropics (compounds that help catalyze the breakdown of fat in the body during metabolism), this powerful supplement inhibits the release of targeted enzymes that control fat storage while stimulating cellular energy, effectively causing individual fat cells to release fatty acids.

The effectiveness of increased energy to stimulate the metabolism combined with the potency of its lipotropic ingredients to encourage the release and breakdown of fat are two powerful approaches to addressing weight loss. But, Stimerex Hardcore offers even more in the fight against fat and the mission to cut weight and get in shape. In addition to energy and fat burning properties, Stimerex Hardcore also contains appetite suppressing ingredients.

When trying to lose weight, many struggle to keep their eating in check. Overeating or binging on sweets can wipe out those hard-earned weight loss strides if we are not diligent about what we put into our bodies while dieting. Stimerex Hardcore helps you overcome this obstacle by including appetite suppressing compounds that help beat the urge to overindulge. In addition to inhibiting the storage of fat, Yohimbe extract also suppresses appetite, helping you banish the desire to binge. Those familiar with the use of DMAA also note that it helps decrease appetite as well. By incorporating this appetite controlling effect as one of its design features, the engineers of Stimerex Hardcore address another area of contention that many dieters face, that of appetite regulation.

Through concerted research and development, and a never-ending goal to develop the best diet and energy supplements available, the revamping of Stimerex’s original formula to create Stimerex Hardcore has resulted in a powerful energy increasing fat burner that will take effect immediately, keep you going longer, and give you a boost that will make your workouts more intense.