Hardcore Fat Burner

Advances in medical technology and pharmacology combined with innovative research and development efforts have resulted in Stimerex Hardcore becoming one of the most potent and effective, stimulant-rich weight loss supplements on the market.

Incorporating next generation fat burning technology, Stimerex Hardcore combines its Thermo-Z ephedra extract with 1,5 dimethylamylamine (DMHA) and its Thermo-RX acacia rigidula extract. If you are looking for targeted weight loss and a serious energy boost, this revolutionary diet and energy aid blends the best natural ingredients, fat burning compounds, stimulants, and extracts available to help you boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and increase your energy, while providing mood enhancing effects that motivate and focus you on your weight loss goals.

With its powerful, metabolic stimulating properties, Stimerex Hardcore promotes lipolysis, the release of fat, and prevents lipogenesis, the storage of fat. Aimed at burning off excess fat, Stimerex Hardcore inhibits the release of targeted enzymes that control fat storage while simultaneously increasing cellular energy, allowing individual fat cells to release fatty acids.

Definitely a hardcore fat burning supplement, this powerful diet and energy aid is packed with stimulants that promote thermogenesis (the production of heat in the body) and increase your basal metabolic rate (the rate of your metabolism at rest), turning your body into a fat burning machine. That means with Stimerex Hardcore, when you are just sitting at your desk at work, you’ll be burning more calories than you normally would.

Stimerex Hardcore approaches weight loss from multiple directions. With unprecedented energy boosts that occur faster and last longer, and the ability to maximize your body’s fat burning capabilities, this high-strength supplement doesn’t stop there in its war against unwanted weight. Through its revolutionary engineered proprietary formula, Stimerex Hardcore also helps regulate hunger issues by suppressing your appetite. Many of its ingredients play multiple roles in the fight against weight loss and help those looking to cut weight on more than one level, which means that an ingredient that works primarily to stimulate the metabolism also works to suppress the appetite. For example, the acacia rigidula extract in Stimerex Hardcore not only induces the release of neurotransmitters that stimulate beta-receptors to increase the breakdown of fat in the body and boost the metabolic rate, it also helps to suppress the appetite. DMHA and Yohimbe extract also have appetite suppressing properties. When you eat less, the body senses the shortage of carbohydrates needed for fuel and feeds on stored fat to get the energy it needs.

With multiple processes all aimed at the loss of unwanted weight (energy increase, fat burning, and appetite suppression), Stimerex Hardcore is the perfect solution for those looking to burn more calories, get rid of excess fat, and work toward a shredded physique. In that quest, Stimerex Hardcore provides some added assistance to it already effective fight against fat. This powerful stimulant-packed, fat burning supplement also provides mood enhancing effects and helps many increase focus and motivation. These are added bonuses for dieters that will help them stay on track toward their weight loss goals.